Minnesota Lawyers

Minnesota lawyers can guide you to legal solutions. But how can you find the best attorney for your case?

We help you find the best Minnesota lawyer for your type of case; and for your location. And a free online service, is here to help you.

So we are here to help you make that first step to solving your legal problem.

Minnesota Lawyers can guide you, step by step
Minnesota Lawyers can guide you, step by step

That first step is identifying the best legal professional for your type of case and location in Minnesota. And the next step is making contact by phone; and then setting up an appointment for retainer.

But, after you’ve retained your best choice, you can begin working with your attorney to understand the legal issues and problems; and come up with a plan to solve them.

So, you can solve your big legal problems, step by step.

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Peter H Dahlquist,  Minneapolis Criminal Attorney

Robert G Davis, Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney

Thomas C Gallagher, Minneapolis Defense Attorney

Michael C Hager, Minnesota General Practice Attorney & Civil Commitment Lawyer

Joseph F Lyons-Leoni, Minnesota Personal Injury Law & Criminal Defense Lawyer

Michael G Phillips, Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer

Karen Sletten, St Paul Estate Planning Lawyer

Kristine J Zajac, Minnesota Family Law Attorney