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Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Defense Attorney
Thomas Gallagher, Minnesota Defense Attorney

Experience Matters

Minneapolis Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher has over three decades experience representing accused people in Minnesota criminal courts.

That’s one reason why he knows how to help you with the best defense for your case.

Top-Rated Minnesota Defense Attorney

Gallagher is also a top-rated Minnesota Defense Attorney by legal peers in Minnesota.

And look at all the five-star reviews.

That is the result of more than 30 years of hard work, getting results for his clients, and for the people who refer them to Attorney Thomas Gallagher.

When should you hire a good Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Now.  The sooner you get a good, experienced defense attorney, the better you can protect yourself.

Have you been contacted by a police officer about an investigation, arrested, searched, or charged with a crime?  This is a shock – by design.  It may take some time to process what is happening; what has happened so far.

Consulting a good criminal lawyer right away can help you process events faster, and better.  Stop the damage.  Begin the repair.

Take Back Control of Your Life – Take the First Step

You need more than time though, to get a grip on the situation and regain control over your life. 

You need the information, expertise and experience that a good Minnesota criminal defense attorney like Thomas Gallagher can provide you. 

Replace panic and wishful thinking with knowledge and strategy.  Call in a professional.

The most important first step you can make is to retain the best defense attorney for your case, soon.  Now is the time to take action.

Make the Call That Can Turn Things Around

Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer Thomas Gallagher offers a free half-hour consultation about criminal law matters on the phone, or at his Gallagher Criminal Defense Minneapolis office.

Call Gallagher at 612 333-1500 to begin planning your success.

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Thomas Gallagher is a Defense Attorney in Minneapolis  who represents people accused of crimes in Minnesota.  These include:

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